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Simple Video Calls And Meetings For Remote Working

The Covid crisis has been a long and hard one, but we are now fortunately leaving behind all the problems that it caused us and moving forward with a new normal. If you are asked: “What was the most significant adaptation or change in your life the past two years due to Covid?”, there might be undoubtedly a set of different responses. However, I could allow myself to confidently draw out “work from home” as the most representative.

As it is known, Covid had a huge impact on the economy and businesses around the globe. Consequently, working from home was widely considered to be an inevitable choice. Before, people used to work in an office building, where they were coming, and going all day long. Co-workers had lunch together, talked about their lives outside work, discussed current affairs, or just shared jokes while having coffee breaks. Currently, it has become more and more apparent that the old ways of working just are not working anymore. The new reality is people do not work in one place at one time; they work wherever they need to be so they can get their job done! This trend is undeniable and unstoppable.

Thus, the considerable challenge for teams and firms is how to stay connected, communicate efficiently to provide the best performance, and be able to socialize besides work tasks regardless of the distance. And clearly, when you are working with people who are not in the same physical location as you, communication can sometimes be even more difficult. That is why Whereby was created - to “give people the freedom to work and live where they thrive”, by making communication easier, and the work more enjoyable for those that do not share physical contacts.

Image credit: Whereby, Oslo

The company was founded in 2013, in a relatively small Norwegian town. A decade later, it is now expanded to 12 locations all around the globe and the team is working tirelessly everyday to promote and make available what is called flexible working culture to everyone. Their users network is now more than 5 million in the world.

In the survey that they conducted with their users in the beginning of this year, the number of people using video conference has definitely skyrocketed since 2019, and majority of the respondents showed positive feedback to virtual conference or webinar. They also did expect that the future work movement would be hybrid form - a combination of digital and physical work environments.

In my opinion, in that world, Whereby has a very competitive stand. What make them more favorable, and also my personal great appreciation for them is the simplicity when using the product. The interface is friendly and you are not required to download or install their own application on your devices. All you need to do is a link and a web browser. Why this is so amazing and people are so much in love with it? They value it highly because anyone of us would probably once experience the situation when you just suddenly remember your scheduled video conference starting in a next few minutes. You quickly open the link to join, but oh no, you have to download a software or plugin first, create an account or sign in. Before all that, you apparently need to update your operating system too. And guess what, who is arriving late for the meeting? With Whereby, this would never be the case.

Additionally, Whereby gives you the possibilities to:

  • customize your room with custom names, URLs, and branding

  • let host choose who and when to enter the room

  • take notes or illustrate ideas on a white board

  • share your screen with the audience

  • create breakout sessions for small group discussions

  • and even flexibly react with emojis and icons

If you are building a website or application, Whereby Embedded can be integrated in minutes into your own product to provide great real-time video functionality. What you win is time, money, and great impression with your customers while they are always kept engaged.

If you are currently looking for a solution to virtual conferencing or simply just want to find a great alternative for yours, Whereby should be the answer that you are looking for!

Thank your for reading and do not forget to leave us a comment down below sharing your experience!

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