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Get Meetings On Your Calendar With A Scheduling Automation Platform

Schedule an appointment with any website visitor. Chili Piper helps sales and revenue teams turn anonymous website visitors into qualified leads and fill their calendars with qualified appointments.

Image credit: Chili Piper, Brooklyn

To be honest, I had real trouble coming up with the "coolest" way to start this article. So how about I try it in a "fiery" way!

In the musical part of the world, there are the royal Red Hot Chili Peppers, while for B2B sales, there are the Chili Pipers. They are perfectly designed to pave the way of an interested buyer and boost business results.

Close your eyes and think back for a moment to the days when meetings were organized by secretaries and you had a big notebook in your back pocket to keep track of everything.

It was so complicated! When you had a lot to do, it was easy to forget an important meeting. The calendar was always full and you often had to juggle appointments. Meeting notes were kept on paper, so you didn't know who had attended a meeting or what ideas were expressed in the meeting. The only thing that kept you from forgetting important dates was your secretary, who would call you frequently to remind you of upcoming appointments or schedule changes.

All of these concerns were shared by many executives and sales professionals. One of them happened to talk to a passionate and innovative couple in 2016 who worked in companies worth billions and they understood very well the pain described by their colleague. They themselves were faced with enterprise software that was stuck in old ways of thinking. They knew there had to be a better way to get things done and set out to harness the power of digitization to improve sales team productivity and job satisfaction.

Today the market calls it Revenue Acceleration Software

Nicolas and Alina are the names of the couple. They quickly left their prestigious jobs and started a new company, Chili Piper, where meetings are truly considered the lifeblood of revenue teams. More than 5 years later, we see how their vision has come true. The company has over 200 employees around the world and generated $16.2 million in revenue last fiscal year. Customers include big names like Spotify,, AirBnB, PandaDoc and Workplace by Facebook.

So how did they achieve this remarkable success?

Chili Piper acts as an instant booker, automating appointment scheduling and reducing the average 48-hour response time to a matter of tic-tac. It's like having your own personal appointment assistant, except everything runs through a simple interface and is available 24/7. The platform benefits everyone involved.

On the one hand, website visitors can now book faster and cleaner than in the past when there were booking links. Chili Piper allows customers to book an appointment on the fly, without having to call or wait for an email confirmation. This means that your clients will receive an appointment as soon as they receive their request. Which in turn means they don't have to wait weeks to get the service they want. This helps you stand out from the crowd and provide fast and excellent services, which directly translates into business growth.

On the other hand, reps' calendars are protected because only leads from well-matched customers can book appointments. You can also customize meetings with invitations, details, follow-ups, recordings and automatic responses when someone makes a booking request, so they know exactly where to go and what to bring, followed by personalized reminders. All these quick and clean closings are done automatically and in real time.

Apart from all the amazing benefits, Chili Piper is connected to a large network of integrations that will help you make your life even easier and more beautiful. Thus, you can easily integrate Chili Piper with the other tools you use every day. The user-friendly interface allows anyone in your company to get up to speed quickly.

Why not ask for a demo package now and experience it by yourself?

I am looking forward to hearing your success!

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