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On a Personal Note: #B2BmodernSelling is Growing And I'm Happy To Be On Board

Updated: May 24, 2022

Hello everyone,

I'm a new face on the B2BmodernSelling platform and I'm assisting Roland in an initial phase of market research for the best B2B sales tools currently available and suitable for each stage of the sales funnel. Our goal is to compile a comprehensive guide for a modern B2B sales technology stack for our community and introduce the different vendors with a corresponding profile and solution overview.

Well, my name is Thanh. I am a sociable and target orientated individual with entrepreneurial spirit.

I come from Vietnam and have been living in Switzerland since early 2017. After graduating from the University of Derby with an honored bachelor’s degree specialized in Hospitality and Events Management, I am now pursuing a master’s degree in Applied Economics and Data Science at the University of Neuchâtel.

In my spare time, I love to do hiking or let myself surrounded with music and nice fresh ingredients in my kitchen. Cooking and baking refresh my mind and give me scope for creativity. Meanwhile, I’m keen on traveling and adventurous activities. Tell you a little fun fact: I did paragliding for the first time with my father when I was just 4. And I've been hooked ever since.

Talking about the great chance that brought B2BModernSelling and me together, it was a sunny afternoon, when Roland first told me about the company. He had such deep knowledge of the field and great passion for what he was creating, and it was contagious! He shared the details about his plans for the future, and how he saw this business growing and helping deliver more efficient B2B sales - I immediately knew it was a great fit for me. The company's vision and mission are very much aligned with my own, and I feel like there's a place for me to contribute here, and expand my skillset. I love the way how I can bring in and combine all my marketing, management and economics knowledge together. I’m truly thrilled at the coming adventures with B2BModernSelling. I would like to thank Roland for trusting me and allowing me to be part of this wonderful project.

Wow, that was quite a mouthful. But now let's get back to our guide, which we plan to work on over the next few months.

Roland wrote in one of his recent blog articles titled "B2B Sales Has Become a Technology Game" that any human work that can be automated or digitally supported will be replaced in the long run, and that's just as true for B2B sales. That's why we're here to help, starting with introducing you to software and technology that your sales team can use to do their job and close as many high-value deals as possible. After all, with the right sales technology, sales teams can more easily engage with prospects, streamline their communications, and seamlessly move prospects through the sales pipeline.

I'm looking forward to this work, and I'm also happy to receive lots of suggestions, questions, or inputs from you.

See you soon,



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2022. máj. 25.

Great to have you on board.

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