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Video Email And Messages Are The New Way To Communicate In B2B

It's no secret that face-to-face communication is the most effective method, and researchers have found that email communication falls far short of developing enough trust to achieve optimal results. Video communication achieves a far better result for this and is far ahead of audio (telephone) and text chat.

This can be explained by the fact that when you sit face-to-face with someone, you can see their nonverbal signals, such as their posture, facial expressions, eye contact, and they can see their own signals. This kind of immediate feedback helps you to understand each other better and to grasp emotions and feelings better than any other kind of communication.

Image credit: BombBomb, Colorado Springs

When you can not have that kind of face-to-face communication though (which can be due to physical or geographical barriers), video is undoubtedly the number one alternative. Understanding that, BombBomb provides you with everything that you and your business need to increase production by strengthening relationships, saving time, and more importantly, adding a human touch into every message that you send out.

Imagine how impactful it can be to put a face with your name. Your customer will not remember you at all as “another Emily” but they will definitely do when they are able to match Emily with a sympathetic, smiley and helpful assistant, who solved their problems with top notch solutions. That is where the customer experience constructed and extended.

These days, it is all about the customer experience. You ca not just blast out emails and hope that your message lands in the right place at the right time. By using the right tool - BombBomb, on the other hand, you can effortlessly motivate your buyers to actively engage; convey value, urgency, and alignment when reengaging cold leads; and create anticipation, remain present and helpful. On the other hand, seeing a person provides confidence, clarity, and makes your clients feel appreciated and supported.

Better than a video meeting, which erases the distances between the participants, the video message offered by BombBomb can not only take care of this part, but also overcome the time differences. You no longer have to fit a multitude of meetings into your (and your clients') schedule. All you have to do now is "record and broadcast when it's convenient for you to create a personal experience that you can play to others."

The very big advantage over video calls is that when your target audience has the option to open the video on the terms that suit them best, you successfully generate more responses, interactions, increase lead conversion, ultimately close more deals and stay in touch more effectively.

BombBomb is thus the perfect solution for B2B sales. The company offers two product packages: an Essentials and a Plus.

With the Essentials package, you can quickly and easily record, send and track video messages for everyone - anytime, anywhere. Not only can you express yourself, but you can also show your screen to better illustrate and present your ideas. Your recipients will always get an automatically generated animated preview that effectively encourages them to open and watch your full message. Then they can respond and comment directly from your video landing page. The application can be easily downloaded and run on all devices.

The second application, BombBomb Plus, helps you and your entire team build better business relationships with personal video messages at scale. Combined with the above features, you and your teammates now get analytics that measure the effectiveness of your work in the form of easy-to-read reports. Content can be distributed among members or even sent on their behalf. Finally, with Bulk Sending, you can create an unlimited number of video emails and send them to all members of your database with one click!

Wait no longer! Go check out BombBomb today and see how it empowers you and your team.

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