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With Groove, Manage Communication And Collaboration In One Place On Top Of Salesforce

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Have you ever wondered what are the tools big companies around the world are using, which remarkably help them to stand out and succeed in pursuing their sales targets? Well, wonder no more! At #B2BModernSelling today, we would like to introduce to you one of the most loved and trusted sales engagement platform - Groove. We can find it used in the offices of enterprises such as Google, Uber, Compass, Capital One and many, many more.

Credit image: Groove, San Francisco

Let’s dive in and see why Groove is so popular among businesses of all types. We will also talk about how using it today can improve your tomorrow’s productivity, exponentially encourage growth, strengthen relationships, and make it easier for your teams to collaborate and bring out their best performances.

Having more than 70’000 users worldwide and ranked at the first place for customer satisfaction (on G2 for 15th consecutive quarter), make an explicit statement about Groove. Daily tasks of each and every “Groover” are aimed “to arm sellers with a set of efficient tools that empower them to attain higher quota achievement via workflow automation and AI-driven guided selling".

Groove is specifically tailored to tackle various aspects for all sizes companies. All the services that they offer are complied with the utmost security and data protection systems and laws. Moreover, all the tools provided integrate harmoniously into your current workflow, which means that there is no such thing as complicated learning process or adaptation gap - you can just get right down to business.

We love the multi-channel campaign automation to create different flows to engage contacts with personalized emails, SMS, LinkedIn messages, calls, and more.

With the Email, Calendar & Activity Tracking, all your activities, whether they are in email, calendar, meeting, or LinkedIn, are automatically synced into Salesforce. How many times have you had to do those same tasks over and over again? We all know it is been a pain. No more copy-pasting! Imagine the time and energy you would free up if you did not have to do those repetitive tasks anymore. You will have more opportunities to do creative, meaningful job, build up relationships and close more deals in much less time.

Additionally, your activities are captured in real-time and associated with the right leads and contacts in Salesforce. Later on, you are able to search easily and update or customize on a specific case. There is also a feature that analyze the performance of your emails and calls to give you suggestions concerning the time with highest responsive rate for example. Your contents’ effectiveness is significantly increased with AI-driven content analysis.

The function Revenue Intelligence and Operations is where you can obtain accurate and insightful reports. By using comprehensive, real-time data and no data latency, your forecasting accuracy can be greatly improved. Using Groove, your team members can collaborate in a centralized workspace that automatically updates Salesforce.

These are just a few examples of what the Groove platform offers you. Recently, the company also launched a dedicated solution for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and now helps their users build lasting relationships, whether you have the ability to interact with your customers in person or only remotely. CRM information is pushed to relationship managers and financial advisors within minutes. This allows personalized wealth management advice to be delivered in an effective and timely manner.


I highly recommend you to discover Groove because it has all the the instruments and weapons that you need to win your sales battles today!

Looking forward to hearing from you the great victories that you have with Groove!

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