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Unlock the secrets of modern B2B sales with 'Navigating B2B Sales: The Digital Age Unpacked' by Roland Kümin. This book spans 176 pages and is in English.


Available Now for Immediate Download in EPUB Format.


This essential guide offers a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow roadmap for today's tech-savvy sales and marketing professionals. From assembling a top-tier sales team to leveraging the latest in AI and MACH tech, this book covers it all. With insights on active listening, customer targeting, and emerging sales trends, it's your ultimate resource for thriving in the digital age of B2B sales.


Don't miss out on this must-read to excel in the new normal of B2B commerce!

Navigating B2B Sales - E-Book Edition

SKU: 3650919-1
  • About This E-Book:

    Explore the digital landscape of B2B sales with this e-book by expert Roland Kümin. It's a user-friendly guide packed with actionable insights for professionals at any level.

    Why It's Unique:

    This easy-to-read e-book blends educational content with an engaging narrative, enhanced by visual aids.

    Who It's For:

    Ideal for entrepreneurs, sales pros, or anyone wanting to up their B2B game.

    How to Use:

    Compatible with e-readers, tablets, and mobile devices; great for end-to-end reading or quick topic reference.

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