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Turning Hesitation into Action: Energizing Prospect Decisions

In the vibrant arena of sales, the status quo often emerges as an insidious competitor, gently nudging deals into a limbo of indecision. Matthew Dixon's research punctuates this predicament, revealing that while 56% of customers express a willingness to conquer the status quo, a staggering 44% of deals stagnate due to it.

The Psychological Pitfall: Omission Bias & Loss Aversion

Decision-making often teeters between two errors: commission (taking action that results in issues) and omission (adopting a passive stance that unravels into problems). Intriguingly, psychology indicates that people perceive losses from proactive decisions as notably worse than those derived from inaction, rooted deeply in loss aversion.

Unmasking the Indecision Conundrum

A discerning look at indecision reveals it often stems from:

  1. Valuation Problems: Anxieties about making the optimal choice.

  2. Information Deficit: A perceived paucity of requisite data.

  3. Outcome Uncertainty: Skepticism regarding the attainment of desired results.

The JOLT Playbook: Energizing Decision-Making

As we traverse the landscape of indecision, the JOLT playbook from Matthew Dixon becomes an invaluable guide:

  • Journey: A deep dive into understanding the customer’s voyage and their position in the buying process.

  • Objection Handling: Early and adept identification and mitigation of customer objections.

  • Leverage: Utilizing the customer’s language and actions to fuel momentum and seal the deal.

  • Trust: Constructing a transparent, honest, and consultative relationship with the customer.

Dissecting High-Performance Decision-Making

High performers expertly identify and diminish instances of high indecision, keeping a laser-focused eye on both the prospect’s purchasing and deciding capabilities.

Crafting Proactive Recommendations

Proactive recommendations, such as "Here’s what I would do if I were you…” have proven to be potent, with a formidable 44% win rate, starkly contrasting the 18% achieved through a more reactive guidance approach.

Information Management: Streamlining Decision-Making

Limiting exploration involves meticulously curating the information flow and preemptively addressing objections, moving from selling to aiding the customer's purchase journey.

Bolstering Credibility: The Anchor of Trust

Credibility is cemented not just through expertise but by transparently displaying that your recommendations prioritize the customer’s interests, recognizing the limitations of your solutions, and even admitting when you lack answers.

Diffusing Risk without Invoking Fear

High performers avoid perpetuating Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) and, instead, reduce the Fear Of Messing Up (FOMU) by articulating risk-mitigating options, thus enhancing the win rate to a notable 46%.

Navigating the Path: Embracing Decisiveness

Guiding customers isn’t merely about facilitating a sale but illuminating a path through the fog of indecision towards a choice that amplifies their operational efficacy and satisfaction. The delight in decisiveness extends beyond closing a sale, unfolding a narrative where the customer, liberated from indecision, consciously chooses a path enriched with clarity and empowerment.


In a realm ever-propelled by innovations, the triumphant sales professional doesn’t just close deals but disassembles the barricades that tether customers to the illusory safety of the status quo, enabling them to navigate towards informed, liberated decisions with robust momentum.

Ignite Your Sales with The JOLT Effect!

In an ever-competitive sales landscape, overcoming customer indecision becomes pivotal. Matthew Dixon’s book, The JOLT Effect, emerges as a lighthouse in navigating these murky waters, providing salespeople with a robust methodology to break through customer hesitancy and pave the way towards decisive purchasing actions.




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