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How Will Metaverse Change B2B Sales

Updated: May 10, 2022

Join us for our upcoming sessions on how businesses are using Metaverse technology to create an advantage over their competition. Whether you're a business leader or technology professional, this 3-hour workshop will help you gain valuable insight into the future of B2B and provide you with tips on how to use Metaverse to reach new heights.

Metaverse by #B2BmodernSelling

Get ready to meet the Metaverse: The new global digital communication, business, and governance layer for a growing Internet. It is a fundamental platform for creating mass-market virtual reality (VR) experiences to create the most user-friendly digital ecosystem possible and make B2B sales more effective.

Our team has designed a 3-hour “Learn & Play” workshop focused on modern B2B selling and how companies can use Metaverse to gain an advantage over their competitors. It's about fostering customer engagement through the non-linear buying journey of interactive exploration and also facilitating sharing and collaboration in digital immersive environments.

In the workshop, we will go through several best practice examples with our Metaverse specialists and thanks to a handful of Qculus Quest headsets that we will provide, the examples will become real and tangible (on-site workshops only).

This workshop is designed for sales and marketing people who are interested in learning about how Metaverse can help them close more deals, but also about the innovative sales methodologies that we suggest to increase the odds of success in today's buyer-oriented environment.

All the best,

Roland Kümin

Editor In Chief



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