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Leverage Sales Content Management And Buyer Journey Mapping To Drive Sales Productivity

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

In today's blog post, we're going to share with you about sales enablement platforms in general, and in particular, introduce you to one of the most outstanding companies on the market that offers sales enablement technologies: Showpad.

Sales enablement is the process of helping salespeople sell more effectively by providing them with the information and content they need to do their jobs. It can be used by both small and large businesses, and it helps them increase their revenue by using data to make strategic decisions. Sales enablement takes an integrated approach to the development and deployment of a company’s sales process, enabling all members of the organization (from sales to support staff) to deliver and maintain consistent customer experiences. The goal of sales enablement is to allow companies to see where they need to improve or optimize their business processes so they can grow their revenue stream.

And why using (or even considering) sales enablement technology in today’s business?

There are many significant reasons behind but mostly are the unignorable essential roles in any business’s daily activities and their ability to thrive. To mention a few advantages, it helps you manage your sales pipeline more effectively and allows you to get better feedback from customers about your products or services. Moreover, it makes life easier for sales reps to follow up with leads after initial contact has occurred between them and potential clients/customers (this means less time wasted on follow-up conversations). Lastly, it assesses your previous performance and assist you with efficient resources allocation, by letting you know how much money each sale will generate before committing resources toward making those sales happen.

Image credit: Showpad, Ghen (Belgium)

Showpad is the all-in-one sales enablement platform, which was founded in 2011 in a historic European town, Ghent (Belgium). The company is recognized in the industry for their creativity and non-stop innovations in the way pursuing better outcomes. In 2017, the young company contributed to the success of more than 1000 clients worldwide and that number is continuously expanding. To keep the leading position in this game, Showpad has always been working hard to adapt to their customers’ need and the macro economics movements. On the early days of the Covid-19 crisis, they swiftly created and released the “Remote selling hub”, whose name says all about it and what companies and teams around the globe was desperately in need of.

Image credit: Showpad, Ghen (Belgium)

The chart above summaries the principles, based on which Showpad functions. There are four major sectors that the company aims to tackle. On one hand, working on the “Opportunity preparation”, you will have the tools and contents to support you with “Sales readiness” and “Sales content management”. On the other hand, when it comes to “Opportunity execution”, here we discuss how to optimize “Sales effectiveness” and increase “Buyer Engagement”. In the following paragraphs, we will dive in together and see in more details how those four sectors operate.

With “Sales content management”, you are equipped with what is vital for your ultimate goals. Contents are organized and never be that easy for you to manage thanks to the categorization into for instance role, portfolio, geography, business unit, etc. It is structured to insure that the right contents are delivered to the correct targets and there is no such story of irrelevant content. Using Showpad, you are enabled to understand the ROI of your content and observe how each content piece actually influences deals. Besides the ability to engage more effectively with buyers, you receive at the same time immediate feedback. All is designed to help you achieve your bottom line: create impactful content by driving your content strategy based on what really works for you and your customers.

Sales readiness” prepares your newbies for actions, or even for any experienced ones for any particular situation. Your team members get tailored role-specific training with pleasant and fun modern learning experience. Most importantly, they will be knowledgable, stay up to date about what they are doing, and have no skill gaps for that their tasks demand.

Sales effectiveness” identifies and turns opportunities into successfully closed deals. With a modern selling approach, your team will no longer miss out chances to corss and upsell. Meanwhile, they are empowered by in-deal coaching and further professional recommendations. Working on your data and previous performance, Showpad produces reports and forecast to help you see throughly what have brought you success in the past and what to be ready for in the future.

Last but not least, “Buyer engagement” hub is where it is possible to personalize and add in the emotional human touch to differentiate your company and create long lasting agreeable buyer experience. That is unquestionable the strong foundation for customer loyalty that every company seeks after.

Showpad has the all answers for your business's questions. Wait no longer! Check them out and let they make success come to you sooner and in a more remarkable form!

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Best regards,


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