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Navigating Post-Pandemic B2B Sales in Life Sciences: Insights from Mert Yentur

Mert Yentur, founder and CEO of Pitcher, brings a decade of mobile innovation experience to the table. As the B2B sales landscape shifts post-pandemic, Yentur provides invaluable insights into the future of life sciences sales in a recent article published on pharmaphorum.

Before the pandemic, sales teams grappled with CRM systems that didn't align with healthcare provider needs. The shift to remote work only amplified these challenges.

Today, a McKinsey report reveals that only 20% of B2B buyers wish to return to in-person sales.

Yentur proposes three key changes to navigate the rapidly evolving sales landscape:

  1. A customised, comprehensive solution for customers: Adopt a digital-first strategy to provide personalized presentations, utilizing customer-specific data and proven market strategies.

  2. Consolidation for higher productivity: Maximize the benefits of digital sales enablement solutions by consolidating tools and promoting seamless interactions in hybrid models of remote and in-person meetings.

  3. Better field training for better outcomes: Invest in training sales reps for a digitally-focused future.

The shift towards digital transformation isn't temporary, but rather a permanent change that requires a consolidated, digital-first approach to enhance customer experiences and improve sales team effectiveness.

To delve deeper into Yentur's insights, you can read the full article here.


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