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The Future of The Internet Will Be Three-Dimensional

Updated: May 3, 2022

Get ready to meet the Metaverse: The new global digital communication, entertainment, business, and governance layer for a growing Internet. It is a fundamental platform for creating mass-market virtual reality (VR) experiences, leveraging blockchain technology and digital assets to create the most user-friendly digital ecosystem possible.

The Metaverse is the Internet's transition from 2D websites to 3D web spaces, also known as Cyberspaces
The Future of The Internet Will Be Three-Dimensional

In recent years, the Internet has fired our imagination in ways that were not possible before. It has become much more than just a global, heterogeneous computer network on which data or messages are exchanged; it has become a medium in which we tap into knowledge, exchange information, express our opinions and share ideas with one another. This gives rise to a wide variety of cooperative ventures and alliances among diverse communities of interest, regardless of geographic or political boundaries.

The Internet has thus become a collaborative space where evolution is continuously taking place. These processes of invention will even accelerate with the help of artificial intelligence and we will be confronted with new realities that will profoundly change our work, our politics and our lives.

So, we are at the beginning of the next era in the digital age with many new achievements and I personally hope that they will improve the lives of millions of people around the world. Cue self-driving cars that reduce traffic accidents or industrial 3D printers that extrude concrete based on a 3D model and build houses completely on their own or Metaverse... the next big thing for the global economy that aims to combine traditional industry with the strengths of virtual reality.

The Metaverse is the Internet's transition from 2D websites to 3D web spaces, also known as Cyberspaces.

When Metaverse matures, the initiators say, every company, large and small, will have the same ability to connect resources, complete projects and promote its own status under the Metaverse umbrella, a decentralized digital ecosystem. To do so, Metaverse exchanges key marketing, operational, and business data among participants and clears services via smart contracts and cryptocurrencies.

As a B2B sales professional, you may now be wondering whether your company, in order to attract new customers, should also join this Metaverse or whether it is still possible to wait in this regard.

My opinion? For many companies it is perhaps still a bit early for concrete Metaverse projects, but the transformation of business models starts with a contemporary, future-oriented mindset as well as a somewhat playful approach, and it is never too early for that. So, now would be the right time to address this seminal topic.

The future of work for many is becoming a virtual commuter and spending more time in Cyberspace than in reality.

So, start with an information workshop for relevant people in your company and bring yourself and your team up to date. I'll be happy to help you do that and make sure you quickly understand how #B2BmodernSelling already today and Metaverse in the future can help your company attract new customers and achieve business goals.

Metaverse made by Zreality
Source: Zreality GmbH in Kaiserslautern, Germany

I will show you that the Metaverse is the future for business-to-business and will relatively quickly reshape or revolutionize traditional supply chains - and indeed sales. This new three-dimensional Internet will bring about massive economic changes and open entirely new ways for companies to communicate in sales and marketing. Don't miss the boat.

Our team has designed a 3-hour workshop that focuses on the topic of modern customer acquisition, including a special topic on the future of B2B and how enterprises can use Metaverse to create an advantage over their competition. In the process, we'll dive into best practices in B2B and work together to create an initial content strategy that matches your buyer journey. We'll delve into topics like assessing customer needs and drafting talking points that resonate with your customers' business. The end result? A first blueprint and initial content ideas for building a "Top of Mind" position in your industry.

Interested? We are at your service for any further clarifications.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate any feedback.




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