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Time To Be Buyer-Ready And To Transform The Entire Sales Lifecycle

Today, markets are so competitive that both buyers and sellers are looking for a way to make the most of the time and effort they invest in the buying or selling process. The old way of selling products and services is outdated. If you want to be successful as a salesperson selling products or services, then you need to be constantly learning new things and expanding your expertise. You need to be able to know what is going on in your industry.

So the question for sales is: How can you stay current with all the changes? What should you be paying attention to? How do you know when something new has happened? How do you make sure you don't miss opportunities because you don't know about them? So, how can you learn the right things and prepare efficiently?

Image credit: Bigtincan, Boston

Let's talk about Bigtincan, launched in 2011 as a utility software provider for mobile platforms, based in Sydney, Australia. 10 years later, the company has successfully made its way to become a global SaaS-provider with its go-to-market headquarter in Boston, USA. Bigtincan has become an unorthodox and maverick pioneer with deep-rooted qualities of curiosity, accountability, innovation and, above all, user-centricity.

In their respectable portfolio, they have gained important and well-known global awards, such as Cool Vendor by Gartner for being innovative and impactful, Sales and Customer Service Winner by Stevie Awards - the world's premier business awards, Best Sales Enablement Platform by SIIA CODiE Awards - the only peer-recognized program in the business and ed tech industries, Top Sales Tool of the Year by Nancy Nardin, and plenty more.

Bigtincan has a comprehensive vision in which they believe that “buying experiences should engage, give value, and guide people to the best decisions”.

To achieve these goals, Bigtincan has developed a holistic platform and solution with three focal points, so-called Hubs. The solution is extremely flexible and can be easily adapted at any stage of growth.

  1. Learning (Prepare and upskill your customer-facing teams)

  2. Content (Access, personalize and share content with buyers)

  3. Engagement (Build meaningful engagement with powerful tools)

The ultimate goal of this solution is to empower sales teams to deliver results fast and with confidence. What I am considerably amazed by Bigtincan’s work is the way each and every solution is customized to align and fit in a particular organization’s culture, products, sales processes and workflows. They provide you with a great flexibility instead of asking for significant adaptations from your side. You can also freely choose to either enjoy all the three mentioned hubs or just one or two of them.

In the Learning Hub, you will find what is needed to help your customer-facing teams get prepared, upskilled, and continuously improve to deliver an excellent buying experience to your customers. It is time to stop looking at things as they have always been seen, and start seeing them through a whole new lens. Bigtincan does so through getting away from what is tradition, aka the old way of learning: ad-hoc onboarding, static training materials, in-person coaching, spreadsheets, winged presentations. Instead, they offer a full-service solution that lets you focus on what truly matters - the content.

Bigtincan's approach is to use technology and gamification to keep your team excited to learn.

They make learning more fun and engaging by making it playful so that learners are motivated and involved. AR and VR allow learners to experience complex concepts in a visual and engaging way. With Bigtincan, your salespeople can be trained at any stage, such as just-in-time onboarding or everboarding - because learning is a continuous process. No matter the size of your team, Bigtincan enables them to learn at their own pace and provide regular feedback with tools that are highly adaptable. With features like Adapted Learning Paths (AI-driven learning paths for individual learners), learners receive a customized program tailored to their skill level, gaps, and role. In addition, your team members can practice on demand and receive subjective, AI-driven feedback with Bigtincan's Conversation Intelligence feature.

In the Content Hub, you can find powerful content, which is designed for your buyers, in an easy-to-access way. This is a key to attract and win more customers.

It's not about simply distributing content, it's about creating content that connects with your customers and speaks to their needs and wants. 

Bigtincan has developed a system that facilitates access to the information that really matters to your business. It's not just about important tips and tricks. Rather, it's about information that makes potential customers think and content that is personalized based on targeted interactions. An analysis provides insight into which content has successfully led to business deals.

In addition to features such as Content Creation and Bigtincan XR to create compelling and impactful content, you can also integrate the platform with your current ecosystem and leverage your current tech stack to reach new levels of sales performance thanks to more than sixty integrations.

Lastly, in the Engagement Hub, you are enabled to engage buyers remotely or in-person and measure their responses in real-time.

Bigtincan helps you get rid of cumbersome emails, simple meeting tools, limited data, zero visibility, false assumptions and an incomplete customer profile. . 

Bigtincan's latest video conferencing solution allows you to determine in real time exactly who is paying attention to your presentation and products. Afterwards, the system organizes the follow-up of the meeting with your buyers and prepares the further engagement with the potential customers. At the same time, insight analyses are available, e.g. how your pitch was perceived and in which areas there is need for improvement.

If you are looking for an opportunity to deepen your knowledge, expand your skills and find the dream assistant who will support you with outstanding content and excellent customer communication, then you have come to the right place. Try Bigtincan and visit their website now. I guarantee you will be immediately convinced of what our friends from downunder can do for you.

I wholeheartedly hope that you have enjoy this article of the Yellow Pages Directory for Modern B2B Sales Technology series and find our recommendation helpful and insightful. I am looking forward to your comments and further discussions.




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