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What A Simple Marketing Strategy To Increase Revenue

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Do you have an innovative and compelling marketing strategy? Do you know the most effective way to increase your revenues in difficult times? We show you how. Use these strategies and you are guaranteed success.

During tough economic times, businesses are affected by two major factors: less revenue and more pressure to keep operations going. When sales are down, marketing budgets can fall victim to cuts, and sales resources may even be reduced. The key to maintaining a healthy business under these conditions is to use a marketing strategy that increases sales while saving money.

It's likely that many companies, including your competitor, are facing major challenges and will need to cut back on marketing spending. This is a great opportunity for your company to acquire leads at a reduced price, so to speak. You must take advantage of this opportunity!

Our simple marketing recipe will help you procure leads you need to ensure the continuity of your business. It will generate leads and fill the sales pipeline. It will also build buyer confidence in your business. Increasing your market share during a difficult times shows buyers that your solution or product is here to stay.

So, let's look at this great marketing strategy you can implement today to drive demand and increase your revenue.

We're talking revenue and email marketing here

First, about revenue marketing. Revenue marketing means that marketing works with sales to directly attribute its campaigns to revenue and to nurture leads even after sales has taken over. A revenue marketing system means a significant shift in focus for the team and prioritization of much more targeted and goal-oriented marketing tasks.

At B2BmodernSelling, we have long been committed to ensuring that the coordination between sales and marketing runs smoothly. Technically and culturally: simply without silos. Under the joint leadership of a sales focused as well as digital marketing expert, everyone pulls together with the goal of winning customers efficiently and with discipline. That would be... Revenue Marketing.

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Unfortunately, for many companies, things are still different, and marketing and sales still often work in separate departments and their roles in attracting new customers and increasing revenue are not aligned. This leads to insufficient collaboration and inefficiencies, and can result in inconsistent communication with customers, which lowers the quality of leads, lowers conversion rates, and leads to missed sales opportunities.

It's time for marketers to embrace revenue responsibility

Here are the three keyways revenue marketing benefits everyone:

  • Sales knows which prospects are ready to sell and has the context needed to close the sale

  • Marketing learns which messages generate revenue in addition to clicks or leads and can optimize ROI

  • The customer always receives the most relevant communication. So he can move through the funnel faster or accelerate his decision to abandon

And now... start with B2B email marketing with value-based content and measure success by tracking metrics

Email marketing is a very cost-effective way for generating leads and converting leads into sales cycles. It also provides a way to build and improve brand awareness, loyalty, positive perceptions and to effectively target your customers through cross-sell or up-sell activities.

In other words, emails (including newsletters) can be a great way to generate interest, if done right. The ROI is much higher than other marketing efforts such as direct mail or print ads. Plus, the CPA (cost per acquisition cost) is lower than social media advertising.

Unfortunately, however, many companies take their email subscriptions for granted and just don't manage them as part of a targeted and effective content strategy. Instead, they sporadically inundate their email subscribers with content that is not relevant to them, hoping that maybe something will stick.

But the reality is that your company can only realize the full potential of the email contacts they've spent years building up if you carefully nurture your email subscribers. This includes creating the right content at the right time for each subscriber to ensure that all their expectations are met and that you can provide value.

Marketers must first build ongoing, meaningful relationships with their contacts to ultimately drive them to greater engagement or action. The same is true for your email contacts. You wouldn't call someone you've only met once briefly and expect them to remember you and give you a joyful hug, so to speak. The same goes for your email contacts - don't just connect with them but build a relationship with them over time by sending them valuable content on topics that are important to them, such as the ones featured in this blog post from B2BmodernSelling.

Your first and most important priority in email marketing is to get your content production in line. That means producing a lot more content than you promote, and then actually emailing that content.


Summary: Your email database is one of your most valuable assets, period. You might be using it to send marketing materials to customers, let them know about new products, or get them to repurchase. Email is one of the most cost-effective ways for businesses to communicate with their target audience through content that is tailored specifically to that person. But before you hit send, make sure your emails are worth reading!

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