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All-in-one Platform for Revenue Teams from Salesloft

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Who in sales doesn't know this? There is too much administrative work and not enough time in the day. You are bombarded with data and information, but the real insights are missing and you work with different tools that are not integrated with each other. Salesloft addresses these mistakes and is dedicated to helping customers achieve their revenue targets.

Source: Salesloft

While doing research for my new book "B2B SALES - THE NEW NORMAL", Tony Hughes came to my attention. Tony is an award-winning blogger and the world's most read LinkedIn author on the topic of B2B sales leadership. He also teaches "Modernized Selling" as part of the MBA program at the University of Technology, Sydney and last year he co-authored a great book called "TECH-POWERED SALES". I highly recommend this book: It is an excellent guide for sales and sales operations and shows how today's cutting-edge technologies (including AI and automation) are taking sales to a new level and impacting results and productivity in an extremely positive way.

One such technology provider is Salesloft, one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the US. Both large and small companies are using Salesloft to orchestrate their sales processes. The company has an estimated 4,000 customers and its current ARR already exceeds $100 million.

Too many salespeople and sales teams are missing their sales targets. There is too much administrative work and not enough time in the day. Too much data and not enough insights. Too many silo tools that promise too much and deliver too little, don't work well together, and aren't used by salespeople. Salesloft addresses these mistakes and is on a mission to help customers reach their revenue goals.

Kyle Porter, the CEO and co-founder of Salesloft says, "We are taking a holistic approach to sales engagement and developing an end-to-end platform for the entire customer lifecycle. From first contact to renewals and upsells, we're helping our users generate pipeline, manage deals and engage customers - all on a single platform."

Sales enablement is a hot-button issue, especially in B2B software sales, which constantly struggles with high churn rates, rising customer acquisition costs and inconsistent sales performance. The idea behind sales enablement platforms is to provide sales organizations with the tools and resources they need to achieve consistent sales results.

Salesloft effectively provides their users with a workspace that supports sales at every stage of the buyer journey in sales engagement. Salesloft appropriately calls this workspace Modern Revenue Workspace™, offering the most important tools for digital sales. This workspace is the one place where salespeople do all their digital sales tasks, communicate with buyers, understand what to do next, and get the coaching and insights they need to do more business.

What I personally like here is that you can customize or bundle these solutions to your needs and circumstances. This means that customers can select partial solutions that focus on "Prospecting", "Selling or Closing" or "Engaging", for example.

A big moment, in the short history of the company founded in 2011, was in the fall of 2018, when G2, the world's largest marketplace for technology assessments, introduced Sales Engagement as a new category and launched its official stack ranking of vendors. Salesloft was the undisputed leader.

Another exciting piece of news was released just recently, on December 23, 2021. Vista Equity Partners, a global investment firm with about 75,000 employees, is acquiring Salesloft at a valuation of $2.3 billion, a 23x price-to-sales ratio. Vista will also use fresh capital, to drive Salesloft's expansion in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.

Also exciting is this: According to a press release, about 20 of Vista Equity Partners' portfolio companies currently use Salesloft in their own sales processes.

So, it looks like we are dealing with a serious player here and I recommend all people who are looking for new technologies for sales engagement workflow, sales performance, or opportunity management support as well as conversation intelligence, take a detailed look at Salesloft, the #1 in sales engagement.

I hope you like this short summary. If so, I'll be happy to introduce other interesting and exciting solution providers for modern selling soon.

Best, Roland

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